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Web apps to demo for Webified

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Bryan Berry suggested I make a list of web apps I’d like to demo as deliverables. Users should be able to navigate to the website with Browse, click ‘create activity’, open the newly created activity and use the web app. I plan to provide examples of better integration with Sugar as userscripts and userstyles for some of the web apps. Also, the created activities should be able to save their state to the Journal.

It will be interesting to compare the results of this (almost) automatic generation of SSBs with manual efforts, like the GMail, SocialCalc and Wiki Browse activities.

Note that I will probably not have enough time to customize all of these. Read notes on each web app for more details.
Web apps that work offline (with Gears):
  •  GMail – probably the most complex, its offline feature is almost a unittest for Gears. With a lot of emails, it should show performance issues with Gears in Sugar. It also has several themes (some of which would look alright inside Sugar) and even allows users to choose their own colours.
  •  Google Calendar – there have been several interface customisations using userstyles and userscripts. It should be easy enough to make one for Sugar
  •  Google Docs (in particular, writer) – also quite complex, with a lot of Gears usage for the offline feature. Documents are plain HTML 4 (not quite valid), interesting
  • MindMeister – very interesting, possible educational value
  • Buxfer – impressive web app, seamless use of Gears. option to store the data only on the client with Firefox extension (firebux).
  • Passpack – interesting use of client-side encryption (passpack.com can’t see your passwords). Gears for resource caching. 3 offline clients: desktop, AIR and Gears.
‘Normal’ web apps, without (official) offline support:
  • WordPress – can optionally use Gears to cache all resources (called Turbo)
  • Bespin – does everything in a <canvas>
  • Wikipedia – not very useful as an activity, but it could run offline with this script
Plain HTML, (almost) only client-side:
  • PaintWeb – (demo) – uses <canvas> a lot, doesn’t really depend on a server
  • Mousebuster (66KB .zip) – made by me, small HTML  & JS game
  • Zoho Writer (and other docs) – much heavier and slower than google docs, interface tries to mimic MS Word and is probably very hard to customize. Plus, I already have an office suite on the list
  • Google Books – not much of a web app, I can’t see how it would help to have it in a separate activity

I welcome any feedback and will probably edit the list accordingly.


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May 19, 2009 at 7:41 pm

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